Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2009 Peace Hero Tony Hawk

Kids for Peace was thrilled to present our 2009 Peace Hero Award to Tony Hawk. Hundreds of people gathered at the beautiful Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas to celebrate this joyous honor. The Kids for Peace children delighted Tony and the audience with a presentation which included our theme song, Peace Pledge and reasons why they chose Tony as their Peace Hero. Tony was acknowledged for being a great role model, for always getting back up whenever he takes a fall, for donating millions of dollars to charity, for building over 400 skateparks through his foundation, for making a career from his fun, for being a great dad, and for inspiring children to follow their dreams. After the ceremony, Tony tirelessly and generously gave autographs and photos. The children were overjoyed!! Tony Hawk is a first class Peace Hero!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Servapalooza Photos

Servapalooza 2009

Kids for Peace was thrilled to cohost our 1st annual Servapalooza: Service Festival and Parade of Wishes. Two thousand people came out to celebrate Global Youth Service Day with a parade featuring banners with Wishes for Our World. Following the parade, our youth engaged in meaningful hands-on service projects such as creating seed balls to be planted in fire-effected areas, made heart pins to be delivered in our Peace Packs to children around the world, decorated placemats for seniors' mealtime and so much more. During the service festival, we were dazzled with incredible youth entertainment including a juniour circus, Jr. Crew drummers, CHS Lancer Dancers and More. It was truly a dreamy day for all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kids for Peace Is Featured In A Music Video With Karl Anthony

We are starting off the New Year with joyful song! We are thrilled to be featured in Karl Anthony's latest music video, "Dear Mr. President." This is a sweet and inspiring song about living our power and making our voices heard. It is about working together to create the world we all wish to live in. Thank you to Shivani's dad, Beejal, for making this happen.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kids for Peace Spread Holiday Cheer With a Joyful Senior Sing-Along

Kids for Peace has been busy spreading holiday cheer this season. We have "adopted" families, marched in holiday parades, made cards for friends in an orphanage and participated in holiday caroling. At one gathering, a group of over 20 children sang fun and festive songs at a senior center in Carlsbad, California. The children were accompanied on guitar by our Kids for Peace friend, Travis Pauck. Thanks Travis!!! Hugs were given freely and love was felt by all. During this season and always, we send you wishes of peace, love and happiness!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peaceful Rally to Save the Seals

It seems that children and adults have firm ideas about saving the harbour seals of La Jolla. At a rally on Sunday, November 23rd, about twenty five children from Kids for Peace, along with many of their parents joined with members of the ‘Save Our San Diego Seals “ coalition at Casa Beach to let their voice be publically heard.

The children sang an original song, written for the occasion, exclaiming that the seals were beautiful and needed our protection. While arranged in rows against the backdrop of about forty seals lying on the beach basking in the afternoon sun, the children’s passion rang out crystal clear.

After the song, La Jolla Friends of the Seals docent Jerry Horna led the group out to the seawall and allowed the children to see the sleeping seals up close, while still keeping the twenty-five foot separation, a distance that seals are most comfortable with. The children held up home made posters they had colored themselves, carrying the message to “Save Our Seals” and “Kids love the seals and don’t want to swim here”. No seals were “flushed” or sent fleeing back into the water, even with the large crowd standing along the seawall.

Jerry emphasized to them that the seals have been using this specific location long before the seawall was built, and that those born here instinctively return or never really leave. The most interesting fact is that the colony has reached a maximum carrying capacity (comfortable number supported by the resources)of about two hundred, and have stayed at that number for several years.

Upon their return to the rally point, the children all signed a petition to the San Diego City Council declaring their wish that the council improve on their efforts to preserve this rookery and beach as a safe haul-out site for the colony. Plans are now underway for the children to make a presentation of the petition at a January session of the council. Members of the coalition handed out flyers to the public urging them to contact their councilperson with the same message.
-Ellen Shively

Perrysburg Kids for Peace in Ohio March in Veteran's Day Parade

Our little Kids for Peace group in Perrysburg, Ohio is really taking off. We were lucky enough to participate in our local Veteran's Day parade a few weeks ago. We had been having unseasonably warm weather until the day of the parade and then 35 degrees and rain....YIKES...but the kids were troopers. We bundled up, brought the dogs and all the little siblings and had a great time. Several of the crowd members cheered as we spread our wish for peace. The kids gave handouts, offering each person a "wish for peace," that they created themselves. Thanks to the Kids for Peace family for letting us join you all!!!!